Meraki Mesh Networking with AP LAN connected to a device

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Meraki Mesh Networking with AP LAN connected to a device

Hello community,


I read the article about Wireless Mesh Networking for Meraki. I've 2x AP running MR 25.12.

I could read that if a Meraki AP does not detect LAN connectivity, it will switch himself to Repeater mode.

I've a printer very close to this Meraki and was just wondering if it would not be possible with latest Meraki firmware upgrade, to connect the printer to the AP LAN port (we could imagine a small switch behind as well)....and have the printer access the network through the wifi repeater mode. This does not work with MR 25.12 from what I could test....but who knows...with latest firmware upgrade, this could be a useful option, does anyone know ?


Thank you in advance


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Hi @1000ouz , 


I know about this option on MR12 on secondary port and on MR30H, who have more 3 ports to do exactly what you ask!.Which MR are you using?


update: Yes, I tried with 2 MR18 and works.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can connect the LAN port.  The requirement is their is no DHCP on the repeater's AP LAN interface.  You also have to say which SSID to connect the Ethernet to.


This is a guide for configuring it:

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