Meraki AP to support AES-CCMP 256?

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Meraki AP to support AES-CCMP 256?

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sorry for the wide distribution. My customer is asking for APs that support AES-CCMP 256 encryption. As far as I can tell there are only a handful of WiFi companies that are able to achieve this. To be more precise, they are looking at the FIPS 140-2 standards BUT is only requiring the AES-CCMP 256 encryption portion.



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Hello @alextctlt, Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question. However, I'd recommend reaching out to your local Meraki Sales rep (Help>Get help - within dashboard) who'll be able to assist with answering.


I'm sure if you open a support case they'll also be able to get in touch with an SE/PM who'll be able to provide you an answer.

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Kind of a big deal

As I understand it, 802.11i WPA2 mandates exactly AES128.


I believe WPA3 802.11ax mandates AES192.


To get to AES256 you need a solution that supports Suite-B, such as a Cisco WLC solution.  Note that Suite-B while still in common use is no longer considered secure for the long term due to quantum computing.


I'm thinking that if you have a specific need for Suite-B that Meraki is probably not the correct choice for you, as you probably have some other requirements as well.


Also note you will need Suite-B compliant WiFi clients.

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