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MR84 Bridging

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MR84 Bridging

I am creating a wireless bridge 600 ft apart with 2 MR84 and 2 2513 N antennas. Replacing 2 Cisco 1300. I cannot find distance limitations. I have used this antenna in several deployments but not with the MR84. Suggestions, precautions, advise??

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Re: MR84 Bridging

What is a 2513N antenna?  Is that a Meraki part number?

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Re: MR84 Bridging

Hi @Netwow  I think you're referring to the Aironet AIR-ANT2513P4M stadium (dual band narrow patch) antenna?  If so, yes that is certified for use on the MR84 so that's fine, but there is no specification for distance, it will have more to do with the receive sensitivity of the AP, because it's all about SNR. 


So antennas don't have distance ratings, there are many variables and your mileage can and will vary for almost every deployment.  But that said, 600 feet is no problem for a pair of MR84s with ANT2513s pointing at one another, even ANT-25 patch antennas would work great at that distance for a bridge link.


There are some caveats and considerations, like no VLAN tags passed over the mesh/bridge link, please review this to start:


Hope that helps!


Getting noticed

Re: MR84 Bridging

@MerakiDave as always thanks. You are awesome. I saw the article. Yes I am referring to the AIR-ANT2513P4M. We had an issue with a similar deployment using the AIR-ANT2513P4M antennas for a bridge with 1572 aps. They were 150 feet apart and the 3rd spatial stream could not come up due to distance with clear line of sight. I am concerned for the VLAN tags.  

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