MR74 antenna question

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MR74 antenna question

Hello. We are in the process of replacing our Cisco Aironet outdoor APs with MR74s. We would like to repurpose the Aironet antennas with the MR74s. Would there be any issue with us using 2 of the Aironet's Dual-Band Omni-Directional Antennas (AIR-ANT2547V-N) and 2 of the Meraki MA-ANT-20 Dualband Omni Antennas?  Thanks.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @BrentG  I'm not in the Meraki Support organization so while this isn't an official statement that it's supported, I don't see any issues with your plan. They are pretty much the same dual-band antenna elements with the same 4/7 dBi gain and roughly the same omni coverage pattern.  Plus the ANT-20 Meraki omnis are not smart antennas like the indoor models and do not self-identify to the AP.  So while it's not officially supported because the Meraki APs are only tested with the Meraki antennas (one exception being the stadium antenna), I wouldn't expect an issue doing this.  Using Meraki ANT-20 is what has been tested and fully supported and guaranteed to work, but the 2547V-N will likely work just fine, but do test and confirm of course.

Thanks for the response.  I will definitely test and see how it goes.

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