Looking for a router/firewall solution plus wifi mesh

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Looking for a router/firewall solution plus wifi mesh

I am looking for a router/firewall solution plus wifi mesh. but don't want each wifi access point to have a wired connection running back to a managed switch. I am hoping for a solution;

Cable Modem <..> Router/firewall <..> first access point wired into the router <..> rest of the access points across the home office without any ethernet cabling, something similar to google Nest


Any solutions?

Kind of a big deal

You can certainly do this.

You can use an MX as your router/gateway and connect your AP directly to it (either from a PoE port or with a PoE injector). 

You can then mesh other AP's from this one.


I suggest looking into the advantages and disadvantages of meshing however as there is throughput and airtime impact to going down this route.


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