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My company in Peru just purchased a Meraki MR42-HW with a Enterprise License 3 years, but I have not received the license. The provider told me we should have received it via e-mail. So my question is how I can get the my license? where should I call?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You should have got the licence via email.  Your provider will also have been sent a copy of the email.


You'll need to go back to the provider and ask them to sort it out for you.  They should be able to just send you a copy of the licence they received.

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Ask the provider which email was given to Meraki when you bought the equipment.

License is always sent to the Reseller + End user.




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Do you still have the delivery note? there you will find the claim number that you can also use to register your equipment in the dashboard

Hi guys,

I already got the license from the distributor. Just want to ask what should I input?

a. Dashboard license key
b. Cisco Order number
c. Meraki order number



I would use the Meraki order number.

Thanks for your advise.

However, as per our end user, they still get an error when they use the order number. I've already suggested them to open a case to Meraki Support.

What error do they get?

If the order number doesn't work you can try using the licence key, but you will have to manually add each access point using its serial number.


The instructions are here:

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