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Intermittent Splash Page



AP Model: MR36


I've created a SSID with a Pre-shared key for Security, then a Click-through splash page.


Testing it this morning with my three IT colleagues showed that two Androids, and one iPhone all got the expected behaviour, but one other iPhone will not bring up the splash page. After entering the password it's just straight on to the Wi-Fi.


Further testing then showed that my Android no longer gets the splash page, even after Forgetting it from the Clients page.


Is this because the Dashboard is still remembering each device and so won't issue another Splash Page until tomorrow? I'm thinking that the iPhone that hasn't got the splash page at all, had connected before we tested my changes.


Kind of a big deal

It was set to Daily. I changed it to 'Every half hour' well over 30 minutes ago, but still no splash page.

Can you show your Advanced splash settings?

Happy to (I have the power of 'Blur'), but can you clarify exactly which page you're after, please?

On access control page:




Meraki Splash Page Advanced Settings.png

But is the client able to access the internet? 


This morning when I arrived my phone had automatically connected to this SSID. No prompt for the password, no splash page.

The password is saved my friend. One question, why are you using WPA2 login with Splash page? The splash page will not add any kind of security.
If you want greater security, my recommendation would be to use 802.1x.

Excellent point about the password. Clearly I'd not woken up!


For us the splash page isn't about security, it's just about Ts&Cs for guests.


The system we're replacing (Ruckus), prompts the Ts&Cs every day, so we're expecting Meraki to do the same.

That's not going to work for us. The new Meraki SSID will have the same name as the old one AND (more importantly) should behave in much the same way.

Well, I suggest you to open a support case.

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