DHCP relay configuration for MR Wireless AP

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DHCP relay configuration for MR Wireless AP

Hi can someone share information of configuring DHCP relay for Meraki APs. I have a scenario in which all the SSIDs are configured via Cisco 5520 WLC Controller. We need to configure New Meraki APs so that they can have same SSIDs and IP addresses from the DHCP server in parallel to the existing network.


Is it possible, or can we configure APs with Static IPs and the clients get IP information from the controller and use the same ranges? I am initially configuring a new SSID, to get IP lease from DHCP server. Once it works need to replicate the production environment in parallel. 


For new SSID, I have connectivity to the internet. 


Also with the same Network, also how can I configure Radius settings for one SSID. What's the difference between Cisco WLC and Meraki WLC configurations?



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I've been dealing with a similar issue.  From what I've found if you are doing this through a site to site VPN with a Meraki MX on one end and a Cisco ASA on the other end then don't waste your time.  DHCP relay won't work and I still can't get the APs to talk to the NPS on the other side of the tunnel.




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On the Meraki side, bridge the SSID to a local VLAN, and then have the layer 3 gateway of that VLAN forward the DHCP request.

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Think of Meraki AP's as being Flexconnect Local switch.

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