Cisco Autonomous Access Point - Meraki Parent

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Cisco Autonomous Access Point - Meraki Parent

We are currently migrating to Meraki for wireless/switching etc. 


In our factory environment we use Cisco access points in autonomous/WGB mode for machine uplinks. Instead of using a Meraki AP in gateway mode we would like to retain the use of Cisco AP for uplinks. 


Design Flow

Merak AP -> Cisco WGB -> Windows10 Client


Upon testing Cisco WGB mode with Meraki as the parent we have noticed strange ARP occurrences for DHCP. If you are fortunate enough to get a DHCP lease on the Win10 machine and you renew the lease it will fail to get the address again. If i clear the Bridge 1 cache on the WGB you will get the IP address. 


Adams_WGB_TEST_MERAKI#show arp
Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface
Internet 0 e0cb.bc35.6746 ARPA BVI1
Internet 172.xx.24.1 0 1cdf.0fca.0080 ARPA BVI1
Internet 172.xx.24.27 - a89d.218d.56e8 ARPA BVI1
Internet 172.xx.24.29 0 a860.b61c.a592 ARPA BVI1


Question 1:


Why are we seeing still? The Meraki AP is in bridge mode and has got itself an IP from our network. 


Question 2: 


Does Meraki do anything odd with ARP caching or proxy arp? The Cisco WGB receives its address perfect just not the client attached to it. 



Question 3:

Has anyone else connected autonomous to Meraki AP before?


I know this scenario verges on Cisco and Meraki and will raise a TAC and Meraki support case for detailed analysis but want to throw it out anyway. 







Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'll guess the Meraki AP is expecting to see a 1:1 mapping between a WiFi connection and a client connected.  Certainly the whole dashboard is setup that way.

In your case, you are presenting multiple clients per connection (WGB+WIN10).


I'm guessing this is not a supported configuration.  I'm guessing it will never be a supported configuration.



You are going to need to use Meraki MESH mode, with Meraki kit.  An option for you to consider to replace the WGB is an MR30H.  They are more intended for Hotels and accomodation and the like (where you put one in each room), but it should fit your need.


You could also consider a low cost MR20.

Building a reputation

Hi Phill,


Thanks for the feedback.


We have a site using 1 x mr42 in mesh connecting to mr72 for testing and it's been reliable. 



The main issue with the WGB appears to be DHCP and ARP. Even when using another device instead of a Cisco WGB with a layer 2 type setup we get similar issues with ARP/DHCP. 


I'll keep poking around but thanks again. 




Did you find a solution ? Did you ever get it to work ?

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