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AP placement on floor plans?


AP placement on floor plans?

Two questions.

1. When placing APs on the map (standard google map setup) does their placement on the dashboard map affect their actual performance and radio management or is that just for us to view their approximate location?


2. Is there a way to upload floor plans and have them match the orientation of the maps?  I can't seem to get it working right.


thanks in advance!

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Re: AP placement on floor plans?

1. No. It shouldn't affect radio or performance.

2. Circle is to rotate and square in bottom corner is for size. That should orient anything you need to match.



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Re: AP placement on floor plans?

No, the placement on the dashboard should have no effect on actual performance. It’s just to create a visual. Also, when you’re using a floor plan, you can adjust the size to fit whatever you need. Just use the circle/square to adjust.
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Re: AP placement on floor plans?

It's only useful if you manage a large campus or enterprise and have dozens of units deployed. Same with the blinking leds option.


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Re: AP placement on floor plans?

It´s a really good documentation tool which I don´t want to miss.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-24 um 09.21.33.png


And, you can use the maps with the Location Heatmap tool:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-24 um 09.24.11.png


Re: AP placement on floor plans?

Thanks for that.  I'm now seeing an issue where I see the APs, or I see the floor plan.  It's like the APs are hiding under the floor plan.  Is there a way to move them to the top or move the floor plan down a level?

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