6GHz APs approved for Brazil??

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6GHz APs approved for Brazil??

Brazil's regulatory body (Anatel) has approved operation in 6GHz, but I don't see information indicating any of these APs are available for operation in Brazil.  Can someone provide an ETA for approval in Brazil or confirm you can use these in Brazil?

  1. MR57
  2. CW9162-MR
  3. CW9164-MR
  4. CW9166-MR


Kind of a big deal

@WirelessRay O Ideal é consultar seu representante de vendas conforme informado no datasheet.


For additional country-specific regulatory information, please contact Meraki sales


Mas acredito não ser um problema, pois se verificar nem modelos mais antigos como o MR 42 não tem essa informação. 




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