stacking MS250 switches


stacking MS250 switches

Hi, A simple question - hopefully someone has experience of:


If I have two or more already configured switches, stack them using the standard stacking cables, and then configure a physical stack using 'switch>monitor>switch stacks' - is there any danger of losing any of the existing configuration?


I have three MS250 switches. The original idea was to configure them from the outset as a stack, but the stacking cables were too short, so we had to chain them together initially using CAT 5 cable. Now long enough stacking cables have arrived and I need to change to a stack without impacting the network. Anything I should be aware of?


Thanks, Simon

Kind of a big deal

Here is some documentation on stacking. Hope it helps.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

We have 225/210 stacks and when installing them we created and deleted stacks several times with them powered up, offline, stacking cables connected/disconnected, one on/one off etc. and it all worked fine.  Only issues to be aware of are spanning tree if switches are connected around the stacking and L3 (that didn't seem so happy with our shenanigans).  You will see stacking errors like switch doesn't have a stack config, when it does etc. with V10 firmware but wait 30 mins and the errors go away. v11 is supposed to fix this but we haven't done any restacking since applying that.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The layer 2 port configuration remains (such as VLAN, access mode, trunk mode, etc).  Layer 3 configuration and routing info tends to get deleted.

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