iSCSI and Meraki MS120 switches

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iSCSI and Meraki MS120 switches



It has properly been asked before (havent been able to find any of these questions though):


We have several Meraki switches of MS120 and want to attached a Lenovo disk storage system by using iSCSI - but it seems not to work through the SFP connection.


Is it possible to connect with iSCSI and if so, what do we need?


Thanks in advance.

Kind of a big deal

What are the ports on the iSCSI system? They should be Ethernet, maybe they are 10Gbps, whereas the MS120 only has 1Gbps SFP ports, in which case it won’t connect.

The storage system (Lenovo DE2000H) supports 10Gb/16Gb FC.

Kind of a big deal

You won’t be able to connect that to a MS120, the SFP ports are 1Gbps Ethernet only. 1Gbps speeds probably aren’t the best to do iSCSI. The MS125 supports 10Gbps on the SFP+ ports.

Thanks, Bruce.

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