how to manage the "internal switch" of MX68 / MX65?

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how to manage the "internal switch" of MX68 / MX65?

MX65 and MX68 have 10 port switches aboard, but these are not dashboard manageble the way that a dedicated MS switch is. 


At least - i haven't found out how to:

- do a TDR test

- see errors / collisions

- see what mac address lives behind what port

- up/down 10/100/1000 history of a port



- Is this perception correct or am i missing something here?

- Are there any plans to implement this?

- Are API calls available to give this insight at every individual switchport in an MX65 / MX68?


I'm managing a retail organization with 500+ MX68's and really need insight in the usage of these ports.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@joopv you are correct that all of the LAN ports in MXs have a poor set of options regarding visibility and testing.  For a few days about 3 years ago we did get this feature, but it was pulled "to fix bugs" and has so far never returned.

Here to help

Opened a case.

The response i got back from Meraki is that: 

- there is no switch ASIC in these MX68 / MX65 devices, and therefore these options are not available

- this is also not possible using API


Best i could do was to submit a feature request..Did that.


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