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daisy chain or stack

I'm usually a lurker because I only understand about 98% of what is said here, but I am having some issues and until I can have my tech guys come in (can only afford to have them once so I pick when I get the new switch) I could use some help and guidance.  My thinking works in my head as for theory, but can I stack or daisy chain 2, 24 port Meraki's.  One is already in use and the other I would be setting up now (I found it in a box), one is POE the other isn't but they were bought at the same time both MS220's.  I am familiar with daisy chain but might need a bit of config help with stacking, and please do not ask me to wipe the one that is in use out, please.

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Hi @Trisha


You can definitely add the switch in-line to your existing switch (provided you have licensing for the one that you found). The MS220 supports virtual stacking, but not physical stacking. 


See Meraki Documentation here.

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Personally I try to avoid daisy chaining at all cost. It works until the first one in the chain doesn't. If you can get a second run to the closet it would be best, even if you stack them. Im not sure how virtual stacking differs from physical but physical you could LACP the two lines and in the event one switch dies the link fails over to a single cable and one switch and you only loss half the connections.
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