config changes interupt traffic

Getting noticed

config changes interupt traffic

So i again had an issue where removing some port configuration (sticky mac addresses and vlan config on access ports to endpoints) resulted in unexpected behaviour of our entire Meraki stack containing MX, MR, MS so i created a case.

Apart from not being able to find the cause of the issue TAC also mentioned this : 

"but we need to keep in mind that changing any layer 3 interface on the switch causes a reload of the configuration and therefore a brief disconnection of the clients."


This annoys me very much, already have experienced when adding a vlan interface the OSPF proces to our ASR routers got reset and indeed disconnects. But this restricts us from changing config during daytime on lots of items.


How can this be accepted ? I know the OSPF process has to be reset when adding items but it would make sense to have a separate option for that.


Also i find it unacceptable what support mentions "changing any l3 interface cause a reload of the configuration and thus disconnects clients" ... Seriously ??


How do other members here experience this behaviour ? 


I am used to Cisco devices and Meraki feels just so home-user here.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@sebas what switch model(s) are you seeing this behaviour on and what firmware are they running?  Also, how long is traffic interrupted for?  I don't believe I've seen this behaviour but as only two of our switch stacks perform L3 routing I could have just not noticed yet.

Getting noticed

Basically  we have a stacked set of 250's doing the L3 and other 250's as access switches providing the vlans.

The stack is connected to a failover pair of MX250's with static routes.

The MS stack is doing static routing as we don't have OSPF peers anymore.

At the acces MS250's the accesspoints are connected, providing L3 roaming wifi.


We run 12.30.


Traffic is interrupted long enough for issues to arise.

First it was by the ospf process clearing and appearently the routing table flushed or something.

Now i don't know as most are static routes, Meraki isn't clear about that other than interrupts happen.

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