adding a switch to an existing radio network template

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adding a switch to an existing radio network template

Hi, I am using configuration templates for all branch sites which currently only have MRs. I now want to add a switch to one of these sites (and expect will add to other sites over time), however, I cannot see how to do this.


I don't want to impact the existing branch.


Can I add a switch to an existing configuration template if there will only initially be a switch at one site? I can't see an option to do this.


Do I have to create a new template for combined branch sites (removing the scale benefit of one template for all sites) and apply my radio settings again (and cause an outage)?


I've read all the documentation links regarding templates but can't see what I am trying to do.



Kind of a big deal

The template is currently not for a combined network you'll need to convert it to be for a combined network.  Basically, you create a new one for MS only and then combine it with your existing one to create a single combined template. 



So new MS only template and combine the templates?


So all the sites with only an MR will become combined also but there won't be an actual switch at these sites and that won't be a problem?


Kind of a big deal


Great, thanks.


So will this cause an outage?


I assume I can merge the MS template into the existing MR template and keep the MR template name and bindings, is that right? The network is in production so I can't really experiment.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Darren8 I wouldn't expect it to, but to be sure, create a new wireless network from a clone of the existing template and add an AP to it.  Then add the MS template to that clone and see what happens.

So I just got around to trying this out of hours and it didn't work.


I created a switch template, selected it and my existing radio branch template and combined them. The branch template now shows as combined but the networks already bound to this template have remained radio only (I've waited a while too).


When I select the new switch it will only let me add it to an existing combined network (not templated, main site) or another radio network (also not templated, another main site).


Any suggestions? I don't really want to recreate everything as the existing template is working and in use for all the remote sites (radio only currently).

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