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VLAN question



We are configuring a new meraki environmentat at our site and have a question regarding subnet access.


So far we have setup:

- Multiple VLANs for different departments

- Access Policys for the different departments with "Guest" and Failed Auth Vlan


Now we are trying to get a new "Test department" up and running:

Same as above, 2 Vlans with access policy.

Users authenticate with the access policy and get but in the "trusted" vlan.

Users test devices fail or won’t authenticate and will be but in a "DMZ" vlan


The problem is that the test devices users plug in to the network have both dhcp and static addresses.

DHCP is no problem, but we have a range off different subnets that we work with the static ones.


The goal is to expose all the static subnets to the "trusted vlan" so that the users can access all current test devices.


Before meraki we use to just make routes or use "secondary networks" but what is the best way to configure this?






Kind of a big deal

You could change the static IP addresses of those devices to be in your new "Failed auth VLAN".


You could configure different "Failed Auth Vlan" based on the port that the statically configured device is plugged into, to get them into the right subnet.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@JohanK another option if you need fixed IP addresses is to use reserved IPs in the DHCP scope, it is quite simple to upload a list into the dashboard.

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