This switch does not have a stack configuration.


This switch does not have a stack configuration.



I have provisioned my stack consisting of 1 x MS225-48FP (SW1) and 1 x MS225-24P (SW2). These switches have been online and working as expected for a number of days.


The stack is cabled as per the stack creation guide.


Switch 1 - Port 1 to Switch 2 - Port 2

Switch 2 - Port 2 to Switch 1 - Port 1


Both switches are running the same firmware - MS 12.28.1


Both members are in the stack and showing online. Both can be pinged on their management addresses obtained via DHCP.




I seem to be experiencing the following error "This switch does not have a stack configuration."


I have started by removing the stack configuration, cables then rebuilding the stack using the official stack creation guide to no avail.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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### UPDATE ###


Moving the fibre uplink to my core switch from SW1 to SW2 has weirdly resolved the issue. Both ports are configured identical.


Would be keen for someone to explain this further?

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Did you ever get a solution here (offline or not). This same issue is bugging me right now.

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@AaronMcElhinney that fix my error as well. I moved the copper uplink from SW1 to SW 4 and the issue was resolved. Same in my case both ports are identical. Thank you for sharing.

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