Switch Cloning of different sizes.

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Switch Cloning of different sizes.



I need to swap out a MS220-24P with a MS220-48FP, can I use the clone tool to do this or is cloning of different size\models of switches not available? If not what would be the easiest way to trade these switches, I just need the additional density, the first 24 ports will be patched like for like.

I don't have the hardware available to lab this and I am fairly new to Meraki, I couldn't see any docs referring to this scenario just how to do it.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

depends on the ports u are using, 1-24 will be ok, but he sfp ports do not match for example port 25 will be copyed to port 25 instead of port 49.

because its a new switch, i would just claim it before installing and configure the ports as u wish.


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