Stacking MS225 with MS425

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Stacking MS225 with MS425

Currently we have multiple MS225's in a stack.


I'm now looking at introducing a MS425 as our server fleat is expanding and we need more 10gbe connectors 


can i add the 425 into the existing 225 stack via a 40gb qsfp? 


or is there a better method to introduce the the MS425 to the existing stack 

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do you have any recommendations on how to connect them at as high as possible speed?

Kind of a big deal

The lowest common denominator here is the MS225, so you will be limited to the 10G uplinks it offers. So grab 4 of the 10G fiber modules and connect the switches together that way (aggregate the ports).
Nolan Herring |

Pretty sure Meraki only allows you to stack switches that are the same model family as there are different stacking types. 

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