Speed / Duplex on MS350

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Speed / Duplex on MS350

We have come across an issue with key encoders that require a forced setting of 10/Half to operate. The MS350 product  does not have an option of half duplex. Setting the port to 10(auto) will not work either since it will not negotiate half duplex. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

yes that is what the spec datasheet says. so you bought the wrong product. maybe you can buy a small (8 port?) switch and connect that for the half duplex clients

No we didnt buy the wrong product, we buy switches to support larger sites. We are already adding an additional 8 port switch to support the encoders. I was just curious if anyone new a way around the port setting.
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Is there a dongle you can buy that that will reduce the speed before it hits the switch?

I'm going to guess that it's a chipset limitation, it seems like a lot of effort to just disable that in software otherwise. So unfortunately I doubt it can be made available.

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The MS250s support half duplex, I have a couple of large room type audio devices that run 10/half.


The switching capacity is the same between the MS250 and MS350:  176Gbps.  However, the MS350 has double the stacking bandwidth.




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check first 8 ports settings, normally they should support 10M option.
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