SFP to be used with Meraki MS225 over 220m


SFP to be used with Meraki MS225 over 220m

I am putting together a list of items I need and one issue that came up is the SFP for an 800' (243m) 62.5/125 fiber run between two builings.  This will be connecting to Meraki MS225 switches.  I have identified a MA-SFP-10GB-LRM (two), but the Max Distance on the product sheet is 220m.  I currently have to SFPs connecting to aging Dell switches from one building to the other.   Two questions: 1) Can I simply use the current SFPs or do they have to be Cisco/Meraki SFPs in order to work.  2) Has anyone used the MA-SFP-10GB-LRM for distances of about 250m with succes?



Kind of a big deal

It's not recommended, because, it must emit a strong enough light signal so that after the losses it is still good enough for the module.

Thanks!  Would there be another solution?  I dont see any on the Meraki product list I was given.  If I can use the SFPs I curently have in the Meraki units, that should be good, I would think?

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With that type of fibre run, you're somewhat limited. You can use 3rd party optics in Meraki switches but your mileage may vary and support is very limited.

Similarly, the LRM modules will probably work past the specified max distance but the reliability will drop dramatically the further you push them. If it's an important link, I'd look at other options such as repeaters, or possibly rolling out SM fibre.

Kind of a big deal

That fibre is ancient.  How long has that fibre run been in?  20 years?


I think you have probably had your money out of it, and just like you are upgrading your switches you should upgrade that fibre.  I would be looking to go to OM4.

Replaceing is not an optopn any time soon.  It was installed to connect two buildings in 2015, long before I joined the organization.  After over three decades working for a Fortune 500 company, this is my transition from the corporate world to retirement.....a non-profit.  Needless to say, there isnt a lot of money to go around, especially given the numerous needs we have right now.  So, bottom line, I have to try to work within the infrastructure I have.  We have a couple old Dell switches through which the two buildings are connected and we're working fine.  We have less than 50 people on the network right now.

Wow - I'm amazed people were still deploying OM1 fibre in 2015!  OM1 came out in the 1980s.  So when you run into it - it tends to be 20 to 40 years old.  I just can't imagine putting in 30-year-old technology (which it would have been in 2015) into a new install.


I would be considering getting a 1Gbe SFP (rather than 10Gbe) to use it.  1GBE should be rock solid reliable.  I would not be so confident about 10Gbe on it.

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