Random - Gigabit link negotiation failed

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Random - Gigabit link negotiation failed

I'm wondering if others are seeing this with there environments? The scenario is we have a "build" switch that has new PC's(mac and windows) that are plugged in and being configured for end users by the support group. Sometimes the Windows PC's will randomly not negotiate for Gigabit connection then either after a reboot or a shut/no shut, they will work connect again with Gigbit. I can't seem to reproduce the issue at all with the identified PC after its happened, the support group never seems to notice any slowness but I'm being asked to figure out why this is happening. 


Additional note - every once and while(maybe once a month) I also get this with other windows PC's out in production. 



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Re: Random - Gigabit link negotiation failed

This sounds like EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) to me.



One of the things that EEE does to reduce energy consumption is to reduce the link connection speed when the volume of data is low.

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Re: Random - Gigabit link negotiation failed

I had this issue as well.

We use Dell PC´s and notebooks and Apple Mac´s on Meraki MS-220 and MS-225 switches.

The Dell notebooks got an network firmware upgrade. then it worked well. On the PC´s we disabled the power savings for the network card. 



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