Rack Cabinet Needs

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Rack Cabinet Needs

Hello team 


we need to be sure aboout  meraki product rack cabinet needs. where can we find  detail of these requirements. For example;  we have 60cmx60cm rack cabinet. Can we install MS450 switch on in this cabinet 





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The main thing you need to know for your rack is the width between the front rails and the available depth.

With that in hand, you can then check the product source sheet. For example, the ms450 is 4.37 × 48.46 × 47.88cm.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@erhanevgin most Meraki switches only use front rails to mount them, but MS355s use front and back due to the weight of the power supplies. As we only use 120, 210, 220, 225 and 355 I cannot be sure where the rear mounts start, but I'd hazard a guess at MS250 as they have the hot swap power supplies.  I'd guess that 450s are designed for four post 800mm deep racks. 


We do have two sites where we only have 600mm deep racks with MS355s and we found we could install rear rails and use a 1U cable management bar as a rear support for each switch.  Handily it also guides the power cables 😎

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Thanks, guys




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