Port running LACP and LACP has disabled this port

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Port running LACP and LACP has disabled this port


I have 2 MS series meraki switches and want to configure LACP between them.


I have a template applied to each switch which i adjust to Aggrigate 2 ports between each.


I start with the furthest away switch as per the docs and create 2 identical ports configurations with Vlan X,Y an Z on a trunk as well as having all the options the same and apply.


I then do the same on the closest switch, same vlans, same options and apply.


The config is appled and i can see the AGGR/0 ports appear in the port profiles.


On the switches within Networks -> (network) -> Summary, the furthest switch comes up and both ports look good. For the closest switchboth ports come up bit the second port in the LACP bundle always shows "Port running LACP and LACP has disabled this port".


I have no idea why.


Any suggestions?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are both ports showing the same speed/duplex detected?


Try cycling the port that is down.


  Yes, all are running 1gbps and I’ve even went as far as rebooting the switches. Cycling the port made no difference.


 I’ve also  ran cable tests with no issue, vlans match according to CDP/LLDP.


 From the furthest away switches perspective this link is its uplink but that shouldn’t make a difference surely?


 Honestly can’t see how this is such a pain to set up.


 Beginning to think that the no entry icon/message over the port is a bug in the dashboard but I’ve no way to check other than the port is up but is passing minimal traffic according to the dashboard, which is contrary to what the error suggests.



Getting noticed


i‘m currently facing the same problem between a meraki MS425 and an Aruba VSF stack… every basic settings is correct but one link does‘nt work! @TheBR did you found a solution for the issue already? 

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