New MS 16.1 Beta Release - Packet Capture on Local status page, lots of fixed

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New MS 16.1 Beta Release - Packet Capture on Local status page, lots of fixed

Non C9300 Models Only, see here for detail on this: New separate CS and MS release trains - no more MS390 issues in MS release notes! 

They've attacked some very old bugs!


General features

  • ACL hit counter
  • DHCPv6 and IPv6 RA guard
  • Local Status Page Packet Capture
  • Loop detection event log enhancements

Ms12x features

  • DAI support

General fixes

  • A client's port may fail to reauthenticate after a RADIUS server becomes available due to the port not bouncing (present since MS 11)
  • A trunk port receiving IPv6 ND packets tagged for a VLAN not allowed on the trunk port are not dropped but sent out another trunk port (present since MS 14)
  • IPv6 LLA does not work correctly even when there is no Global Unicast Address assigned (always present)
  • LACP links to MS390s or non-MS devices can take a long time to recover after a stack failure event (always present)
  • Loops can be seen when rebooting a stack member containing a cross-stack LACP port (always present)
  • PIM packets that are processed can incorrectly be placed back onto the wire resulting in duplicate packets (present since MS 14.15)
  • Stack members rebooting while being a part of a cross-stack LACP group will cause the remaining online port(s) to experience an outage for up to 30 seconds. The same behavior is seen again when the switch comes back online (present since MS 10)
  • Traffic floods can result in DNS packets in segmented VLANs to be dropped (always present)

Ms210/225/250/35x/425/450 fixes

  • Optimizations were made for devices to prioritize management traffic until a valid uplink is provided

Ms4xx fixes

  • In rare instances, switches may remain offline if it receives frequent STP TCn packets (present since MS 15)

General known issues

  • Connecting a stacking cable to a stack that is online may result in a stack member going offline (present since MS 12)
  • In rare instances, the port status will fail to update to dashboard until the system reboots (present since MS 14)
  • Switches move LACP ports to an active forwarding state if configured. This can cause loops when connecting to an MS390 or other Catalyst switches unless the bundles are configured on the MS390/Catalyst switches first. All non-catalyst ports are configured in passive LACP mode so that loops do not occur between Meraki switches (always present)

Ms120 known issues

  • DHCP relay fails to relay packets (present since MS 15.14)
  • Switches in extremely rare instances will experience reboots every few minutes (present since MS 11)

Ms125 known issues

  • The local status page cannot be accessed from the management port (always present)

Ms12x known issues

  • Ports with an odd-numbered MTU value fail to initialize (predates MS 11)
  • Switches will never move a RADIUS server's connectivity status to available if it was ever lost resulting in all authentications being placed into the critical auth VLAN (present since MS 14.32)

Ms210 known issues

  • Stack ports have an orange LED instead of green (present since MS 11)

Ms2xx/35x/4xx known issues

  • Cross-stack LACP groups may fail to fully initialize, resulting in one or more ports staying offline (present since MS 16.1)
  • End devices connected at 100Mbps may fail to re-establish a link after the cable test has been run on the port (present since MS 14)
  • If the same MAC address is associated with multiple IPs, adding or removing an SVI may lead to an incorrect VLAN ID mapping leading to packet loss on one or more SVIs
  • Switch stacks will learn MAC addresses from ports in the STP blocking state which can trigger a constant flood of MAC flaps in the event log

Ms355 known issues

  • In rare instances, stack ports fail to initialize after an upgrade (always present)

Ms35x known issues

  • Enabling Combined Power results in events being logged once per minute (present since MS 11)
  • UPoE does not negotiate over LLDP correctly (always present)
  • mGig switches will have an amber light for all physical ports that do not negotiate to the highest supported speed. Dashboard will continue showing a light green status for all ports above 100Mbps. For example, MS355 switch ports will incorrectly show an amber light for 1G, 2.5G, and 5G, but will show a green light for 10G.

Ms425 known issues

  • Large number of SNMP walks to switches in H.A. may destabilize the VRRP connection resulting in flapping (present since MS 15)
  • Stacks in rare instances will start dropping DHCP traffic on trusted ports while DAI is enabled until rebooted (present since MS 12)

Ms4xx known issues

  • When an SFP module is inserted/removed, BPDUs can be delayed leading to STP transitions in the network (predates MS 12)
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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Just wanted to call out an addition that will be added to the alerts section in the next couple of hours. Addition to be added:


"MS420 devices configured for this version will run MS 15.21.1"

Getting noticed

Upgraded a couple test switches to 16.1 but still cannot enable the DHCPv6 RA Guard Early Access setting for some reason.

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