Mirroring on MS210 is it only tx/rx or both

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Mirroring on MS210 is it only tx/rx or both

I have just replaced another manufacturers switches with Meraki.  I have previously done Mirroring on Cisco cli (this is my first time with the Meraki Cloud based) and you can select either Both/tx/rx, but on the Meraki this option does not seem to be present.


The problem I am having is when I set the Mirror port Source and Destination it is only sending the traffic from the Source port that goes in one direction.  eg this is voice traffic and the Source port I can wireshark and can listen to both sides of the conversation, but when this is Mirrored to the Destination Port, for a Voice Recorder, I am only getting one side of the conversation which is also confirmed on the Wireshark trace.


I have then moved these connections back to the OLD switches and the mirroring works ok to the voice recorder.


Can anybody confirm that this is the normal operation when mirroring on these switches.

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Hey @DWhit ,


I can say that I have seen undirectional mirroring from time to time when I've taken captures, but I do not remember off hand which model and firmware version I was using at the time, and I did not open a case with support. I had meant to come back to that and get a case opened...


I would suggest that if you have a reliable instance of the problem to open a case with support and get them to take a look. The settings for mirroring are very simple and I doubt very much there's anything we can do here on the forums to help troubleshoot this with you. 



Thanks for the reply.  As you say very easy to set up in the GUI, and Im sure it isnt a Bug, so reluctant to open a case.  But was wondering if anybody knew conclusively that the mirroring does only mirror either Tx or Rx and NOT Both.

Kind of a big deal

It should be both. 

Kind of a big deal

I have a client using mirroring on MS225's, and it is both ways.

Kind of a big deal

Yep, should be bidirectional.


On access points when capturing from the dashboard however it's only upstream (RX) traffic.

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