Meraki switches and SNOM DECT IP cells

Getting noticed

Meraki switches and SNOM DECT IP cells

I have a phone system that uses DECT IP cordless phones.

The system also has SNOM M900 DECT IP cells to cover the headquarters offices.


If I connect a cell on HP or Aruba switches all is working fine.

If I connect the same cell on MS220 or MS120 Meraki switches, cell is currently available, reachable by its IP address, seems it works fine for all except it's unable to find other cells and start muli-cell working system, that is needed to maintain call active when a cordless move from an area covered by a cell to another area covered by another one.


Telephones and cells are on a dedicated VLAN and the port where I connect cells are set as "Access", with that VLAN.


It's quite interesting also that cells connected to an HP switch, connected in cascade to an MS220, are working fine. If I connect a cell directly to the MS220 (on an Access port), I have the issue described.


Any suggestion?


Thanks in advance!

Kind of a big deal

What method do they use to find each other?

Multicast for sure, I don't know if they use other methods in addition.


In Switch settings I already disabled "IGMP snooping" and "Flood unknown multicast traffic", but without success!

Getting noticed

UDLD on port where SNOM cells are connected could be a problem?

If Yes, I saw its property could be set "Alert Only" or "Enforce": how to completely disable it?

Getting noticed

It seems that the settings "IGMP snooping" and "Flood unknown multicast traffic" set to "Enable" do the job!

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