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Meraki as Core - Crestron NVX



We have a network where we have the MS425-32 as a core. There is lot of Video Over IP multicast traffic from Crestron NVX in 5 diff switches in the property. The Crestron NVX requires IGMPv2 Snooping enabled, querier enabled and fast leave enabled. 


The other switches are from Pep link, and have IGMP v2 enabled with querier and fast leave - it works fine on its own. 



The moment I connect the SFP port from the switch with AV over IP traffic, MS425-32 gets flooded and offline from cloud. 


Any tips to configure it to work with Crestron NVX. 

There are 3 VLAN, the default VLAN 1 has all the Multicast traffic. Ive setup the switch :


Switch VLAN Name Subnet IP DHCP Settings OSPF Routing Multicast Routing

Cam1MA10.0.8.0/2210.0.10.1OffDisabledIGMP snooping querier



Thank you


Kind of a big deal

What version are you running? Can you share the port configuration? Have you checked the logs?



Thanks for the prompt reply!


Im running MS 14.33. Didn't check the logs - we reset the device and starting from scratch.


Please see the screenshots of port config. 





Kind of a big deal

Have you tried disabling It?




Its disabled. 

We are not doing Multicast Routing between VLANs, just IGMP snooping and querier is required by the devices which are connected on VLAN1


Kind of a big deal

Have you tried It?



Recommendations when using Multicast Routing

Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP)

It is strongly recommended to block SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) traffic when Multicast Routing is enabled. 


SSDP traffic (UDP multicast to is commonly generated by Windows clients to discover or announce network services. The mechanism used by SSDP for discovery and advertisements imposes additional burden on the multicast routing process as it needs to track each client in the routing table. In addition, the high frequency and volume of SSDP messages can cause frequent updates on the multicast routing process for a non-critical service. 


There are a couple of options to block/disable SSDP:
1) Apply an ACL rule by navigating to Switch > ACL



Kind of a big deal

It may be your IGMP querier configuration.


Check out this excellent explanation and see if that gives you some ideas: 

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