Meraki Switch models that supports VRF

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Meraki Switch models that supports VRF

Hello All,


Can anyone help with Meraki switch models that support Virtual Routing and Forwarding(VRF) ?


I have requirement to seggeregate my routing table in my shared core switch for different departments that need to be isolated from routing as well.


Many Thanks,




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There  is no meraki device with vrf  support.

Thank you for the prompt response..Appreciate

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I wish Meraki did have a VRF capable switch.  I could EOL our Cisco router fleet.  As it is, I am thinking of replacing them (ASR/ISR) with some Ruckus switches with advanced IP license which my firewall reseller likes and recommends.  We do not tax our Cisco routers at all and the ASR were extremely expensive, a switch that supported VRF and VRRP would work fine to replace them.

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