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Meraki Switch cable test output...

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Meraki Switch cable test output...

Hi I'm trying to trouble shoot some LAN connection issues with the Meraki cable test utility.


I'm getting mostly OK, and looking at the help page the test outputs are,


OK: Good cable, good pair

OPEN:  Unused/unterminated pair

ABNORMAL: The impedance* is not within the expected bounds, either too high or too low

COUPLEX: Specified pair too strongly coupled to pair X, indicating high amount of crosstalk


But on a few tests now I'm seeing, the cable saying OK and pairs 1, 2 and 3 saying OK, but under pair 4 I'm getting "-", just the - minus symbol, but there is no indication what that means.


I've seen other posts asking the question, but don't think it has been answered, can anyone here explain what it means?





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Re: Meraki Switch cable test output...

possibly means 'not tested' but why it wouldn't test it is another question?

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Re: Meraki Switch cable test output...

It'll be a 100mbit connection.


1st and 2nd pair are data and are tested.  3rd pair is for poe and is tested.  4th pair ... specs says it can be used for poe so not sure.  I don't have a switch with a 100mbit PoE device that isn't affected by the 12.14 bug to test on 🙂

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