Meraki Switch MX65

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Meraki Switch MX65

Hi all 


I have received a Meraki switch mx65 on the first time and I want to add my existing network, but I have some issues like only wife networking are working but ethernet network ar not working, the network I use Uniffi equipment (Switch, USG router, and access points) so I have tried to remove Unifi switch and put the Meraki one, please let me know if anyone has that experience. 




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Hi Abdikani, 

the MX65 is a Security and SD-WAN Gateway and not a switch.


Check out the following also can find deployment guides on this link


hope this helps


Thanks a lot for the prompt reply .

Sorry, Yes it's a Security and SD-WAN Gateway I want to use as a security appliance, so now my network contains, internet Antenna which connects the unify USG router, and the router connects to unify switch then from the switch access points and ethernet cables, so where should I put MX65 as its already configured by the organization, should I remove unify USG router.

Not quite sure what you want to achive/replace.


As I understand your setup...


Internet Antenna 


Meraki MX






But I am not sure if you need the USG to terminate the Internet Antenna...if could place the MX just behind the USG Router.


So it's depending what you would like to achive and which devices you need for certain functions.



I just want to remove USG and put Meraki MX , I did it, and its working, but MX65 providing a different IP address so I want to change this IP address and make like the one I was using in the USG , but when I try to change IP , a get this error 

  • The local subnet cannot overlap with the client VPN subnet.
Kind of a big deal

Change the client VPN subnet that you have configure to something else.

I had changed the client VPN  Ip and subnet but I am getting this error 

  • The local subnet cannot overlap with the client VPN subnet.
  • MX IP      Subnet

so what am I suppose to do as this IP and subnet are the ones that I used my USG router which I removed from the network and I put the MX65 instead? 

Kind of a big deal

Hopefully this is not your real IP ...

For an IP of, the subnet has to be But the relevant change is done unter 

Security & SD-WAN -> Client-VPN -> Subnet.

This Subnet is not allowed to overlap with your MX subnet.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@abdikani You are aware that the 12. subnets are public IP addresses and not intended for private use?  Internal networks usually use private ranges listed below: to to


Any of the above can be subnetted to smaller ranges.

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