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Meraki MS390

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Meraki MS390

Did Meraki just do a CTRL+c -> CTRL+v on a Catalyst 9300 switch?

Just reading the datasheet it has most of the same stuff a C9300 has:
- Same stacking BW (480Gbps)
- Stackpower with like cables
- The same overall looks
- The same kind for the uplink modules (except for the lack of 25Gig uplinks)
- The same port configs even in the UPoE and MGig variants
- The same kind of licensing (A advanced sounds like advantage, E Enterprise sounds a bit like essentials)
- SGT support

Does this mean the integration with Cisco is advancing?

I also noticed the support for MSTP but alas only a single instance...
Also still lacking a priority queue

So I wouldn't be surprised that they could be adding a MS290 in the future which would be a C9200 variant? 😜

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Re: Meraki MS390

Yeah, it's literally like they've just grabbed a 9300 and some guy at Meraki managed to whack on the firmware onto the existing hardware and thought, this is amazing let's sell this product with the god awful amount lack of basic features for layer 3 routing and other features.


Adaptive Policy for the enterprise license. So practically the only feature that will be worth checking out, you'd have to pay an extra £100-200 per switch, typical Meraki... *shakes head*. Sounds like to me that you'll just be using Tags within the dashboard and then the ACLs will simply be based on source tag to destination tag instead of subnets/ip addresses. They make it out to be some next step in their roadmap but they could have probably implemented this ages ago. 😞 I'm getting very tired of Meraki



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Re: Meraki MS390

I had an interesting chat with a cisco tech last wednesday over this one.


Meraki ( and cisco) couldn't do this before because the hardware wasn't powerfull enough.

The Catalyst 9300 has some new kind of powerfull silicon ( asic) what can do this.

And again it's more dynamic configurable by software.


in Cisco world its called SDA ( Software defined access) so why wouldn't meraki use the same ( very good) hardware for their new layer3 switch?


The stackpower and seperate modules for uplinks in the Catalyst series are just great, something meraki really missed.

On the other side... standarisation in hardware between cisco and meraki coud drop the price ( or make cisco more profit 😉 )

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Re: Meraki MS390

Well I wouldn't call it SDA just yet.
If it's just the SGT's they will be supporting you could call it trustsec.

Up until now the MS switches only supported VACLs, not even PACLs or RACLs that's why you could only push a dynamic VLAN onto a port instead of a dACL which technically is a per session PACL.  So making the jump to SGT's makes me wonder where they will be supporting the SGACLs.

Enough ACL'ing for today 😉

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