MS350 Cable test pair3 or pair4 OPEN


MS350 Cable test pair3 or pair4 OPEN




I changed the cable to a cat6 cable with network replace.
After several cable tests from the MS350, the results did not match.
There was no problem with Fluke testers.

By the way, MS350 connected to poe switch.
The interface speed is 1g for both auto-nego.

Does the result vary depending on the product connected to meraki?

Kind of a big deal

Sorry to say, but I have seen inconsistencies like this too. I don’t think the cable test can always be trusted. I can’t be certain but I feel like I have noticed mostly with short lengths. If your fluke shows good and non CRC errors than I think you are good. I suppose there is a small chance the error could be in the physical switch port if you still have errors after changing and validating cable. 

Here to help

I've also seen strange reports from the Meraki cable test reporting bad results from multiple different brand new cables.  If you're not getting any CRC errors and the sync speed is what you expect, I would leave it be.


Thank you for your advise.


consider how to cope with this status.

Perhaps, l will leave it be.

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