MS350-48FP and MS350-24X with IP of VLAN wrong

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MS350-48FP and MS350-24X with IP of VLAN wrong

I have an Alcatel Core Switch, When I connect a Meraki switch as access through trunk ports with their native administration vlan, the dhcp server give to meraki switch another ip from any of my vlans and after restarting many times the switch, the dhcp server give to switch the correct ip . I configured statically the swithch ip. Why the dhcp server give to switch an ip of others VLANs? What am I doing wrong?


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Have you remembered to set the VLAN on the switch page where you select DHCP or IP?  You could also try connecting another device on the same port to test what IP it is given?


You could also change the port to an access one to see if the VLAN will be picked up?


Thank you, I will try to connect another device in vlan 203 port during non-working hours so as not to affect the operation of the network. The error message is: This device is using a DHCP IP address from VLAN 192 instead of using configured VLAN 203.

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Set the native vlan on Meraki side trunk to the VLAN you want the IP from.

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