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MS225 4 SFP+ Port shared?

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MS225 4 SFP+ Port shared?



I am planning to buy few MS225 swithces, I just need to use the 4 SFP+ ports and need to make sure that the 4 port are true 40Gbe uplink(I understand that ther will be some overhead and might get only 35). I have been told that the 4 SFP+ ports are shared and do not provide true SFP+.

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Re: MS225 4 SFP+ Port shared?

I was told the opposite by Meraki - so this probably needs confirming if we've had two different sets of advice. Who told you?


I know you cannot link the ports, but I was already under the impression they are full ports. 


Keep in mind the switching capability as a bottleneck


MS225 Datasheet

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Re: MS225 4 SFP+ Port shared?

The 4 uplink ports are 10Gbps uplinks. I've never heard about any bottleneck so I'd be surprised if they don't perform at 10Gbps. LACP can be used with them to achieve higher speeds.


The stacking ports in the back provide hardware stacking at 80Gbps. They can't be used as traditional 40GbE QSFP+ ports!

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