MS320 Storm Control

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MS320 Storm Control

Looking at the beta firmware coming up, why are the MS320's being left in the dust for some features? I mean IPv6 ACLs, really? Thanks 🙂


  • Enhanced Storm Control (not available on MS22/MS42/MS120/MS220/MS320)
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection (not available on MS22/MS42/MS120/MS220/MS320)
  • IPv6 ACLs (not available on MS22/MS42/MS220/MS320)
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'll take a guess that the silicon in the MS320 does not support this.  Perhaps when your licence expires you could upgrade to an MS350?

Unless they support upgrading from the MS320, I'm stuck with them for a quite a long time. I was just hoping for more enterprise features for the price we paid. 😞

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