MS225 Stack Member unreachable from Dashboard

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MS225 Stack Member unreachable from Dashboard

I have a MS225-48fp and MS225-24p on a physical stack.

A couple of days ago, the 48FP became unreachable from dashboard, but 24P works fine.

Users have no flaws on services, web browsing, even on Wlan (Meraki AP)

Everything goes fine but that switch being unreachable from dashboard.

I found that if ping the 48FP from my switch core (MS250), the 48FS goes back up, and after a few hours it becomes unreachable again.

Any thoughtsabout this scenario?

Already forced my sw core to be STP root and verfied vlans, routing and internet Access/Rules.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This sounds a bit like a duplicate IP address.  Is the switch using DHCP to gets its management IP address?  If you connect to the local status page of that switch what is it reporting as the issue?


Quite some time ago there was an issue with switches in a stack that didn't each have their own uplink.  If you are not running a minimum of 9.32, I would upgrade to at least this.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Can you physically view the switch to see what its doing i.e. check its status light. Like @PhilipDAth mentioned it sounds like a duplicate IP. If the issue has just started recently what has changed around the same time the issue started.


Have you tried running a packet capture to see if its a DUP IP?
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Thanks for the ideas.


Already upgraded the switches to 9.32, the newest.

I also changed the IP to a unused address.


And still, switch presents the same behaivor, i noticed that after work hours, the switch reaches the dashboard, and exactly as workday starts, it goes off line and keeps on and off all day, until end of work day.

You might need to unplug one machine at a time until you find out which one is causing the issue.

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Already changed the ip for the MS225.

It was an X.X.99.247, and changed to X.X.99.243.

Now at the network, address X.X.99.247 do not exist.

And still have the same results. It´s not a duplicate address issue.

If the issue is happening at the same time every day is sounds like a scheduling issue on your firewall. What brand of firewall do you have and do you have the MGMT ports allowed for that switches IP.


It sounds like your firewall is blocking management traffic for that switch .
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