MS225-48FP PoE HIK Camera

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MS225-48FP PoE HIK Camera


I have a problem with my MS225.

When I plug a PoE camera (HIK Vision) on port 4 all is fine.
When I plug the same camera on port 5, no link go up.

PoE is enable on both ports obvioussly.


The problem is larger than that, i have to plug 6 cameras and only one of them wakes up. Every ports have the same configuration.

When I change the cameras randomly on the same 6 ports, only the camera plugged on port 4 wakes up.


I Don't really know what to do.


Can you help me please ?






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Kind of a big deal

Have you tried with another MS225?


Have you tried other PoE devices on the ports that don't work with the camera?


Anything in the event log?  Network Wide > Event Log


What are the specs for the camera? What exact model is it?

Thank you for your help !


- Yes I have tried on another MS225 and it works perfectly.


- Yes i have tried with another PoE device, a Yealink IP Phone (T42S) and it works too


- There is nothing in the event log except "port status"


- Here are the specs :


My first think is there is a problem with the first MS225 but, the MS is a new one through guarantee process.



Kind of a big deal

If everything works fine on another MS225 and also on one of the other ports on the switch, it looks like a hardware issue with the switch. Even if it's one that came "new" through warranty.


If I were you, I'd get it replaced again through support.


The camera datasheet states it's using 802.3at, that's PoE, so it should work fine.


Edit: Assuming that the config on the working MS225 is identical and that it's running the same software.

Thanks again, i will do that.


And yes, both MS are running the same software and all ports have the same configuration.

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