MS220-8P Is it possible to put an SFP port in LACP with Ethernet?

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MS220-8P Is it possible to put an SFP port in LACP with Ethernet?

I'm trying to setup a LACP group between a GBIC module in one of my SFP ports to two Ethernet ports (connecting to edge routers) but the panel doesn't allow me to "Aggregate" SFP sand Ethernet.


Is this not supported? I need to exclusively tag all traffic on these ports with VLAN 35, and isolation would be nice too.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

All ports in a LACP channel need to be the same on the switch it is being defined on.

These are all the same switch, port 1-2 for Ethernet (modems) and port 10 (SFP) for the gpon adapter.

I think Philip is saying that the ports need to be identical types and configuration. So unfortunately you wouldn't be able to aggregate an SFP port together with a copper port. 

Even with copper ports, they also need to be configured identically (trunk or access), Dashboard is smart enough that it won't let you accidentally aggregate a trunk and access port, the Aggregate button will be grayed out. Hope this helps 🙂 

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Nope, bad idea.
It might flip and flip and you will not be happy about it 😞
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