Meaning of "RSTP" value for port view of aggregated switch ports


Meaning of "RSTP" value for port view of aggregated switch ports

I have a couple of MS250s in a stack and a handful for aggregated pairs of switch ports between the two switches in the stack.  I'm not clear what the "RSTP" value means in the dashboard for the switch ports. One shows forwarding and the other shows enabled.   


What is the significance of "forwarding" vs "enabled"?   


Basics of the setup:

Switch A and Switch B are the stacked switches.
Port 43 on each switch are aggregated access ports on vlan 85.

"RSTP" is enabled and "STP Gaurd" is disabled. 

The switch ports are connected to NICs on a PowerEdge server.  The server is running Windows Server 2016 with NIC teaming configured as LACP in dynamic mode.  

This is the case for half a dozen other aggregated pairs of switch ports on these switches as well.  

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Kind of a big deal

Meraki has the following definitions for those states:


Enabled - RSTP will be used when the port is connected
Forwarding - RSTP is in use and the port is forwarding traffic


I'm not sure why they wouldn't both be forwarding unless LACP hasn't actually bonded the links? Seems not right...

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