MS210-24 performance monitoring

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MS210-24 performance monitoring

Hi Guys,


Is it possible to see CPU and Memory Utilization on the MS210-24 switch?

I see a lot of details regarding the IN and OUT traffic, but that doesn't really tell me how the switch is performing.

Can it still handle the traffic, or is it highly utilized. 




Meraki Employee

You will need to raise a case with the Meraki Support team - they have access to the raw data and can help interpret.

Head in the Cloud

CPU and Memory utilization don't show in the dashboard.

Arguably it's not a bad thing given it's less of an issue these days and some switches are designed to run at a consistent 60-70% memory utilization.


If you're troubleshooting a specific issue however, Meraki support can pull the CPU and memory utilization for you from the backend.

Kind of a big deal

Does the MS support the SNMP OID's for CPU and RAM usage?

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