MS120 DHCP issue

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MS120 DHCP issue

Hello Community,

i have a Problem with a switch MS120. The Switch make a DHCP discovery than the switch get a DHCP offer from DHCP Server on the MX. And here the Switch don't send a DHCP request to the MX. (PacketCapture)

--MX (DHCP Server) --trunk(nativ vlan1)--MS120-- 

On the MX i have a DHCP Problem in the Eventlog

DHCP problemextra: no_offers_received, vap: 0, vlan: 1

On the MS120 is the eventlog for DHCP empty. 

Can someone help me here or does someone have a similar problem?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you saying that the MS doesn't get a management IP via DHCP, or that a client doesn't get a DHCP address?

The MS dont get a IP-Adress from DHCP Server on MX.

So the MS is now not recheable in the Meraki Cloud Dashboard. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you made any changes to the configuration of the MS120 uplink port that connects to the MX, or to the management interface.  Mainly is it a trunk port with all VLANs and is the MX expecting to get an IP address via DHCP on VLAN1?

no changes was made on the MS and the MX. 

MX have the default trunkt konfiguration for all vlans and nativ vlan is 1, the MS uplink Port have the same default trunk konfiguration.

The MS send a DHCP Discovery on 4 diffrent vlans and get a DHCP offer on all 4 vlans. The managment vlan is the default  vlan 1. 


The MS is now 7 day offline and can't get a IP-Adresse. 

But we have another MS with the same port configuration and here ist all ok. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'd try setting a static management IP on the MS to see if it then connects, you may find it has somehow got confused and that will reset the management interface configuration. 

The problem ist that the customer onsite can't configure the static management IP ant the IT support don't want drive so far. So I can't test it with the static ip-adresse.  😞  

Now i have a RMA for the MS and i hope the issue is with MS 120.

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