MS power options 48 or 24 port

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MS power options 48 or 24 port

Has anyone had this dilemma when thinking of POE?


24 X MR access points 

10 X IP cameras 

2 X MS355-48X (Stacked)

Total power  - 1480W


Working with with POE budget power 

If there is switch failure and we have move the devices on to a working switch which can budget 740W.

for 34 devices @ 30W this would push a single switch over budget.


Or ...


2 X MS355-24X2 (Stacked) 740W POE exclusively for access points 

24 MR @ 30W = 720W would keep a switch failure within budget.



2 X MS225-24P Stacking and uplinked to MS355 for cameras etc 

10 X cameras  @30W  = 300W would keep a single switch failure within budget too.


Although option 2 is slightly more expensive. 


I am sure the MS switches does not  block power if actual usage is less then budgeted power however we have seen devices that don't like it if a switch is over budget. 


Any thoughts ?







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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Speedbird1 you absolutely can go over budget.  See below an MS225 with 41 PoE IP cameras connected:




So go for your option 1.  You can also add a second PSU into the MS355 and if required set the switch to load balance with both PSUs, though this will generate regular spurious alerts so don't set it like that when both switches are up.

Getting noticed

Thanks for the info 

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