MS 425 stack reliability issues

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MS 425 stack reliability issues



We have a 425-32 stack that experience and odd failure and I was curious if anyone else has ran across something similar. 


2x MS-425-32 switches as "cores"

L3 being used

DHCP being used

OSPF being used

9215 Frame Size being used (VSAN traffic)

Agg Ports used for servers/distro switches (ms 250s)



Here's what happens - Randomly one of the members goes offline. The ports all become inactive and the LED turns orange. This is resolved by a simple hard reboot. Both have done this, however, it would appear lately its only SW1. 


There is no set interval for the failure as it can be 4 days or 2 months. 


Support believes its ipv6 MTU commands from a upstream ISP. We are working to filter v6 as there's no way to disable/filter it on the switch. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I've used the MS425-16's quite a bit and never had an issue.


Did you try accessing the local status page when it was in the "orange" state to see what the switch report?

Yes. All the ports are dead including mgmt when its in this "zombie" state. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That is most likely to be a firmware issue.  I'd try a different firmware version.

I thought the same also. The issue has followed them from 11.xx now over to 12.xx. Here's hoping 14.xx does something different. 

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