Looking for Power Cable Connector Specs for MA-PWR-1025WAC and MA-PWR-CORD-US for MS250 and MS355


Looking for Power Cable Connector Specs for MA-PWR-1025WAC and MA-PWR-CORD-US for MS250 and MS355


I am looking for the power cable connector specs for MA-PWR-1025WAC and MA-PWR-CORD-US which are being purchased with MS250-48FP and MS355-24X2 switches. 

I am looking to purchase color coded power cables but need to know the exact connector sizes, but have not been able to find them looking at the Meraki datasheets. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

Kind of a big deal

These are completely standard power cables.  There is nothing Meraki specific about them.

I'd just always buy C15 ended cables to ensure widest compatibility.

Thanks. C15 Male and Female I am assuming?


C15 on one end (part that goes into the switch/power supply), US plug on the other. Unless your rack uses PDU's, then replace US plug with what your PDU needs. Likely C19.


What specific size is standard then? Power supply vendors don't list a "Standard" size in their options. 

What options are they giving you? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The socket on the PSU needs a high temperature power cord and connector as mentioned above (C15).  Here is a good layman's guide: http://www.blogquail.com/the-difference-between-iec-connectors/


Any long enough manufactured cable with a C15 on one end and whatever power socket you have C14, C16 or country specific connector should be okay.

Kind of a big deal

@cmr  - hmmmm, should have read this post a few weeks back 😁

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