Layer 3 Switch Management IP Address

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Layer 3 Switch Management IP Address

We have created a management vlan 2 - (created on a layer 3 switch stack MS425) from which each stacked switch member should get their management IP address from. The vlan 2 subnet is advertised vis OSPF to the Cisco 6509 switch and the vlan has internet access. 



1)The management interfaces are not getting a DHCP address from vlan 2 after changing it from vlan 1 in the switch configuration menu. 


Steps taken so far: 

We have assigned vlan 2 to a switch port interface and confirmed we get an IP and can get to the internet with a notebook?



How do we setup a management IP address on the layer 3 switch without having to trunk a layer 2 address from the 6509. 


Note - vlan 2 is not the layer 3 p2p uplink to the Cisco 6509 and the vlan 2 subnet is also advertised on the 6509.


 Thank you

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Adoos,


When you talk about the management interfaces that are not getting a DHCP address, are you referring to the members of the stack? 

Is the DHCP server ran on the switch stack or from another device up or downstream? If it's not on the switch, you might need to set up a relay, so that the DHCP requests and offers are forwarded between the VLANs.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the management interface is to give you access to the local status page, which is there to give you the possibility of doing some basic configuration and troubleshooting. 






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