L3 routing on switch MS425

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L3 routing on switch MS425

Hi there,

Could you advise how to configure routing on MS425 switch? Right now everything works fine via FW, but i need to run traffic to specific subnet via switch... default router still FW.

how i see it:

1. create Vlan with interface VLAN for service network

2. create route to specific network via service network



its 1 min in Cisco world, but i got stuck in Meraki GUI



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The funny thing on Meraki is that the first interface you make HAS to come with the route.  So the moment you go to layer 3 interfaces on that same page you first need to make the interface that will be used to point to the default route before you can make other interfaces.  The default route you make here has nothing to do with the default gateway you have entered in your management IP settings of the switch.

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