L3/L2 Issues on Various MS switches...

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L3/L2 Issues on Various MS switches...

More an more lately, across multiple Clients I support, I am seeing issues with devices connected to Meraki Switches running L3.  Most cases, I'm noticing that devices can't communicate beyond the L3 interface on the core switch.  They can ping things on the same vlan, even their default gateways, but not beyond.  Reboots of the device, the Meraki switch or even the local firewall don't work, but if I readdress the device to a different IP, it works fine.  When I go back to the original IP the problem returns.  There's no duplicate IP.  I can confirm the ARP table reflects only 1 MAC with the IP (no duplicate IPs, and of course when I readdress, the original IP is no longer pingable.  This all started appearing a few months ago.  I have a ticket open with Meraki support, but they are stumped too. 

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Getting noticed

Have you set a trunk port for that VLAN so that it can escape the core? We have a VLAN which only exists on our core switches, and thus isn't tagged anywhere. Those devices in that VLAN can't get out of the switch to the gateway or beyond.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you have an example of how the topology is?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I haven't seen that myself.  I mostly have customers running MS225, MS250, MS350-24X, and MS410-16 in layer 3 mode.  These are all running current stable images, but I haven't seen that issue regardless.


What model switch is this?  Is it stacked?


You don't have a duplicate IP with the client.  Any chance something is using the same IP address as the switch?

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I have two Meraki MS350 as a core and some MS250 that I allocated as an Access layer switch. The problem is,  

1- I create an L3 interface as a VLAN on the MS350 ( with Name, Subnet, VLAN tag, and IP interface)

2- Connect the clients to the MS250 with a particular VLAN tags

3- Set the IP address on clients under the particular VLAN's IP subnet and set the GW (the IP that I assigned in the L3 interface)


Clients can't ping each other in different VLANs and they can just ping all the L3 interface IPs and the clients in the same VLAN.

I think the problem is "Inter-Vlan Routing" which I couldn't find on the Meraki's MS350 switch. Without MX series device, is it possible to run this scenario that I described? 


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